"EFT training was an amazing experience, i knew very little about EFT and had no expectation of what i might experience or learn. I found Lou informative with extensive knowledge and experience in many aspects of EFT; the only negative i can recall is the time passed so quickly. I have since worked with clients utilising EFT with consistently effective results on many levels."

J Campbell, Counsellor


“Excellent workshop, didn’t know what to expect but came away feeling highly positive and energised about myself and my business vision.”

J McGhee, Web designer

“I felt in capable hands, held but also challenged. Lou has a killer smile. A powerful experience and a wonderful opportunity to share, not feel so isolated.”

L Williamson, Psychotherapist

“Good to get the time and space to think more about what I want in relation to the practice. And to get everyone’s words relating to a heartfelt business up.”

F W, Counsellor

“Eye-opening (and eye-tapping!)”

“I’d like to see the heartfelt business vision on a bigger scale, in bright colours, so we can take away a great photo to print out and keep/put up as a vision.”

B W, Massage therapist

“Really enjoyed the day, the message and the outcome. I think you listen to each individual in the group, which is great.”

“Useful technique, yet very simple. Delivered by a caring, supportive and knowledgeable person!”

“Great to be with other practitioners in similar situations, explore what is holding us back and move into a more positive space by the end of the day.”

“I got a lot from today personally and to move my business forward.”

“Effective, insightful and empowering. Left very positive and looking to affect change in my life.”

“Grounded, clear, warm. Flexible, went with what was in the room. Great time keeping."


"Feel quite excited! Can really see how I could integrate into practice and my own personal life!"


"I really enjoyed the benefit of technique in Core Process as a whole. The personal experience of 'technique' was enlightening for my own benefit that undoubtably will benefit and enhance my practice."

"Good well balanced programme, facilitator willing to be flexible mirroring counselling process, whilst still holding and ensuring rounded programme."

 "The trainer was approachable and facilitating. It was well structured and incorporated flexibility."


"This day of Energy Tools for Trauma has brought me home to my body in a gentle and peaceful way. Thank you!”


“I felt myself transform on the course of today. I love the techniques and they speak to a deep part of me. I love that I can share these with clients and also with my partner and family.” 


 "Just the right amount of people. Good Food! Very well presented and I appreciated the flexibility. Very safe space and well held." 


“Inspiring and connecting. Space held beautifully allowing deep fulfilling practice of tools an techniques. Great introduction to something new.” Benita, counsellor


“Really responsive to the needs of the group. In a way a bit like an experiential therapy group. Good practice opportunities.” 

"Lou, you were grounded, excellent model and resource, good training hand-outs, and I liked your warmth and humour (& flexibility)." 

"Stimulating - effective, explanation of the different routines was clear and not too difficult to understand."

"Very profound experience. Nurturing and supportive. Beautifully held. Felt great to work in such a lovely group. I feel more confident and able to introduce some of these practices into my work with clients."

"A very stimulating weekend with many new ideas/concepts offered to support clients."

"Relaxed and heartfelt and thoughtful - always taking our needs into account."

"The number of people in the group felt just right - although 8 would also be okay... The weekend felt very safe and very held - very well presented - not rushed - plenty of time given to process and practice skills - demonstrations helpful. Thank you."


"Lou brings an assured richness of skills and experience to this work. It is what is says - energy work - meeting, moving, feeling, understanding, healing our wounded selves. Thank you."


“It felt very professional and safe. The small group of participants felt very intimate and holding. Lou was very professional and the experience of Tapas Acupressure Technique in particular was very surprising and enlightening. Thanks.”


“Lou is a great facilitator. I really appreciate her. She provides gentleness/safety whilst also helping us to learn and move on. Thank you, Lou.”


“I usually get bored at a training, but not this one! Educative and hands-on, a brilliant introduction to energy techniques that I can actually use. Thanks!”


“I found this workshop to be one of the most effective workshops I have ever attended as it benefitted me personally as well as on a business level. I feel confident that I now have the necessary tools to utilise EFT with clients and have also met some of the most warm hearted and understanding people on the course than I have on previous courses that I have attended. I feel that LouAnne is a fantastic workshop leader as she has established clear boundaries and is extremely knowledgeable in the field of EFT.”



“I have really begun to understand and respect the ideas / theories and applications of EFT. I am already beginning to feel its impact and hope to continue this - to believe and embed it and for it to be transformational for myself and others. Thank you.” 



“As a counsellor, I have found learning more about EFT really beneficial as a potential tool to integrate within my practice. The delivery of the course was very clear and informative and Lou is very easy and safe to be around.” 



“I came across this training purely through luck. I am so glad I have attended the training as this has given inspiration as a therapist to go into other areas. I also feel this training has given me a huge amount of knowledge to help others. In terms of personal experience, I wish I discovered this technique 2 years ago as it could’ve helped me in so many areas. Highly recommend Lou and energy counselling as it is affordable and delivered by someone so warm, empathic and genuine…” 


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