As a British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy accredited counsellor, I offer a safe, confidential, ethical and effective practice. More about my professional history, here. My way of working is eclectic as I have had a diversity of training and a diverse history.

A typical session

I preface this with the fact that you are different from every other client I have ever seen, so our work together will be unique and tailored to your needs in particular. It cannot be otherwise.  

However, a general way of working for me would be that you come in to deal with a particular issue that is disturbing you. We talk about the different issues for a time, see how you are reacting to it and holding it in your mind and body. I will often ask you to hold it in the body for a minute and really listen to it.  

Listening to how it is in the body can change your experience of the distress. We can also practice various interventions, which allow the distress to change in intensity, so that your distress lessens and becomes different. This is usually the impact.  

What is Core Process psychotherapy? Everything that we think and feel is expressed by our bodies. When therapy is approached from the body perspective, the body is allowed to express its pain and it becomes a doorway to your healing. The body can tell you things about your experience of being in the world that you do not know cognitively. When this experience has a disturbing element, and it is released through this therapy, you can come to a different place of peace within yourself.  

Core process psychotherapy acknowledges that our bodies and our minds are interconnected. When you focus on the process, you allow yourself to become aware of the stillness that resides beyond the process. You are then aware of the knowing you already have.  

What is Energy Therapy? Energy therapy uses techniques where the body's meridians (energy pathways used in acupuncture) and chakras (energy centres used in yoga) are used to balance physically and emotionally. These methods have been clinically observed to consistently help with human distress (Church, D et al, 2012, Depression, Research and Treatment).  

My clients regularly report that these techniques help them to create calm, emotional balance by releasing emotional distress, self-sabotaging beliefs and self-defeating behaviours. They also enjoy that these techniques are simple and easy to use at home, accelerating the transformative process of therapy. The primary result of this is positive well-being.  

For myself, I am quite an emotional being. I found psychotherapy and counselling did not give me the same relief from overwhelming emotions that energy practices did. This is why I use them personally and professionally, teaching them to friends, family, clients and counsellors.  

What Energy Therapies will you use? I am trained in Guided Self Healing, Emotional Freedom Techniques®, Tapas Acupressure Technique, Frontal Occiputal Holding and Advanced Integrative Therapy, Matrix Re-impriting amongst others. My approach is client centred and intuitive, allowing the best interests of the client to direct the flow of the session.   

Please contact me for an initial telephone consultation so we can decide together whether working with me would be useful for you at this time.   I look forward to hearing from you.

Sessions can be held in person at my office in Clifton (77a Queen’s Road, BS8 1QP), by phone, or video chat, according to your preference. Whatever your concerns, give me a call on 07871105335, or email me to see if I can help. If I am not the right therapist, I will help you find someone who is. 

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